The best beginner CrossFit program in Melbourne  

We have created our highly rated & successful on-ramp course to take ANY person with ANY level of fitness through the fundamentals of CrossFit.

When you join, you will automatically become part of a family. You’ll get to know people of all ages and from all walks of life, and you’ll get to break sweat and get stronger while you do it.

Why you'll love our CrossFit on-ramp program

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Expert Coaching

Learn how to do common weightlifting exercises – squats, deadlifts, overhead presses safely and correctly. Expert advice navigating new exercises and workouts.

Become Confident

A great way to boost your confidence. When you lift weights or do tough cardio workouts regularly, you’ll be amazed at how strong and empowered you start to feel.

Boost Endurance

Engage in cardiovascular workouts, increase your endurance and boost your heart health. All whilst gaining muscle, burning fat, or boosting endurance. 

The most comprehensive CrossFit on-ramp program in Melbourne

It doesn’t matter if you’re a total gym junkie or brand new to the fitness world. CrossFit workouts can be scaled for every energy level. If you’re a Melbourne resident who’s eager to experience the benefits of CrossFit, come and see for yourself the best equipment and support that allows you to fast-track progress. Experienced staff to guide you along and push you to achieve your utmost potential.
Nat C
Nat C
May 13, 2019.
Good equipment
Su Fang
Su Fang
April 2, 2019.
The best place! Great facilities, encouraging coaches and supportive community. What more do you want! Been coming for 2 months now and it just keeps getting better:):)
Evan Melbourne
Evan Melbourne
April 11, 2018.
Great coaches and amazing facilities!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    CrossFit is a lifestyle. Characterised by its high-intensity, functional workouts and supportive community.

    CrossFit can be used to accomplish your fitness goals whether you want to be stronger or lose those extra kilos – our programs are catered for you and your goals.

    The sport of CrossFit is a worldwide phenomenon, exploding in popularity since the early-mid 2000s despite being conceived in 2000. After the first CrossFit games in 2007, the sport began emerging in the mainstream, and just three years later, CrossFit managed to partner with Reebok. The sport continues to grow as people realise the improvements in not just their fitness, but also their lifestyle.

    Yes. Everyone can do CrossFit regardless of age, injuries and current fitness levels. The program is modified for each person to help him or her safely become healthier and fitter. Grandparents and Olympians can perform modified versions of the same general workout. Find out while you’ll love CrossFit.

    No. CrossFit is the program that will get you in shape. No matter what your current fitness level is, you can start CrossFit. As you become fitter, workouts will become more challenging. Every workout is designed to help you succeed, improve fitness and move you toward your goals.

    You can do CrossFit at the In2 Performance gym in Noble Park, Melbourne.

    We are located at:

    468 Princes Hwy,
    Noble Park North VIC 3174,

    CrossFit improves general physical preparedness (GPP). We have designed our program to elicit as broad an adaptational response as possible. CrossFit is not a specialised fitness program but a deliberate attempt to optimise physical competence in each of 10 fitness domains: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. CrossFit was developed to enhance an individual’s competency at all physical tasks. People who do CrossFit are prepared for all challenges, whether they come in the gym, on a playing field or as part of daily life.