CrossFit gives injuries?

There is a longstanding, endless and circular argument that surrounds CrossFit when it comes to injuries. It usually starts with someone outside the CrossFit community making a fairly nebulous claim, such as “CrossFit causes injuries!”

I try to not get into those conversations, but today I ended up in one anyway. What made me tick, was that the person claimed there is facts or data proving that you are more prone to get injuries from doing Crossfit than any other sport!

We all know injuries occur in all sports, especially on a competitive level! And with that said there is absolutely zero evidence that there is any data-driven causation between CrossFit and injuries.

CrossFit is an affiliate system and not a franchisor, which means there is not now, nor can there ever be, any mechanism for reporting of injury data!

CrossFit have about 15.000 micro-communities in 120 countries and none of them reports any injury data back to headquarters. Australia alone has over 500 Affiliated CrossFit boxes and whit a growing amount of people starting to train Crossfit, there will also be more injuries across the board. This is not a reson for not training CrossFit! As far as research goes, both rugby and football are holding a known high injury rate and that doesn't stop parents from letting their children play the sport.

CrossFit has grown and developed over the past years and it’s a misconception to believe that the only thing we teach is “puking-intense-wods”.

Crossfit is constantly varied functional movement performed at relatively high intensity. We use safe, effective and efficient movements similar to those you use every day in life and intensity levels are adjusted to challenge the individual to improve fitness.

The world health organisation recommends 75 min high intensity exercise per week. At least two of them should be whole body strengthening. CrossFit actually suit the World health organisation recommendations!

Any movement performed wrong can lead to injury, in any sport! I would say that in most successful Crossfit boxes it’s mandatory to let a new athlete start weightlifting with a stick or an empty barbell to teach them the movement right before adding weight and intensity. We also scale every workout appropriately to our athlete’s abilities.

CrossFit can be used to accomplish any goal, from improved health to weight loss to better performance.

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